The Great Balloon Race Part 2

The event was great fun and supported a fantastic cause.

Once again, in October, H22 will be launching their own balloon into the virtual race organised by Shine.

Who are Shine?

Shine are a charity that help people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland with spina bifida and hydrocephalus, a birth defect that occurs when the vertebrae don’t form properly around a baby’s spine. The outcome is usually mental and physical disabilities that persist throughout life.

What do Shine do?

The funds raised from this race will go toward the support of over 5,000 families caring for children with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. This is often a lifelong commitment due to the severity of the disability, so the work that Shine does is life changing for the people involved.

The race!

The virtual balloon race will be held on 5th October 2015, kicking off in Los Angeles, and ending a week later on 12th October 2015. The balloon that has travelled the furthest is declared the winner!
You get to choose and decorate your own balloon and it’s possible to follow is progress around the world online!

While we didn’t win the race last time, we’re still optimistic and are hoping for a H22 win this time round! 

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