How we use business automation to speed up our work process

h2o have always used time management tools to ensure our clients get charged the right amount for any works completed.

But we have taken this a step further and applied business automation to all our daily tasks throughout the business.

From cradle to grave, all our projects are managed from a single system, called Accelo, to ensure a smooth and efficient service.

Discovery Process – Meeting the clients needs

All opportunities go through a discovery and proposal process.

Through the discovery process, we evaluate the client request and ask the right questions. This ensures we propose a solution that meets and exceeds the client request. We are the experts after all, and the client request will often only go as far their knowledge allows.

Accelo then allows us to create a completely transparent proposal which details everything that we will deliver through the project life-cycle.

We also Gantt chart the project and give very accurate lead times.

Project Planning

Once a proposal is off the ground, the project plan is accepted into production.

Milestones and tasks are set in stone, staff time is allocated and all staff are notified of their role within a project.

The production plan is then fully automated from here.

Into Production

Staff can easily see their workload for today, tomorrow and all upcoming works. This allows managers and staff plan ahead and ensure everything is complete on time or ahead of time.

The system also allows us to record any hold-ups that we may encounter along the way, such as awaiting information from a client for example.

Throughout the production phase, we can send updates to the client, ask questions and request sign off by the client on various parts of the project.

The client can also log into an online portal. This allows the client to see the progress of the various tasks, when it was started, planned completion dates etc, as well as sign off on anything.

Project Completion

Once a project is complete, Accelo automates the invoicing process, less any deposit values and passes this information automatically to our accounts system.

Ongoing Support

As Accelo is linked up to our email system, all client emails automatically come through to Accelo.

When a support request comes in, with a single button click, this is transformed into a ticket. The client receives an acknowledgement and tasks are created and assigned to our support team.

Once a ticket is complete, the client receives notification along with the resolution, or list of works completed.

A big system

Accelo really is a big system.

It can be completely customised using a process called progressions.

Progressions allow all processes, projects, tickets, onboarding clients, retainers, etc, etc to have their own workflow depending on the needs of our company and the client.

This means our processes are not restricted by the system. We can tailor the system to meet the changing needs of our clients and as our business evolves.

We really have only scratched the surface of what Accelo does for us here at h2o digital, but it is really one of the best systems we have come across.

There are a huge range of automotive tools out there to keep your company working efficiently and effectively.

We do love Acello, but this isn’t the only tool. Take a look at Rahul’s blog on 17 Pro Tips for Workflow Automation.

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