Which CMS platform is right for you?

This was long-winded and therefore expensive for the client.

Sure, there were methods of re-using snippets of code and repeating from one site to the next.

We (H22) even developed our own database driven content management and ecommerce system, which was okay, but often resulted in websites that looked a bit samey.

Nowadays there are content management systems that have the bones of a website ready made, with the design and layout being coded in to make each website unique.

But which CMS should you choose?

If you’re looking into it for the first time, it can be difficult to make an informed decision. The main options out there are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and for ecommerce – Magneto, Shopify or WooCommerce. We’ll be covering some of these over the next month so keep an eye out for our blogs.

First up is our favourite – WordPress. It holds a whopping 65.1% market share in CMS systems. For comparison, Joomla 6.1% and Drupal 4.0% (as of June 2018).

So why is WordPress so popular?

Opinions differ between developers, but for us, WordPress is the most intuitive to work with. It is possible for us to get a very basic website up and running in hours rather than weeks.

The basic boring stuff is taken care of and we can use our coding expertise to make each site unique. This focus on the design allows us to build truly standout websites, for an extremely competitive price.

And then once it’s finished you’ll be able to manage it yourself.

It’s so Easy!

From a client point of view, WordPress is the most user friendly of the three platforms. It is easy to learn the basics of adding new content such as blogs, news and images, without having to understand any coding at all.

Any new content you add will automatically have the websites theme applied, and changing things like the text size or alignment are the same as if you were using MS word. In fact, you can even paste content from a Word document straight into WordPress.

With WordPress being the most popular platform, there is also a huge support network of other users. If you wanted to delve into more complex options, there are hundreds of free tutorials and support out there too. Or you could always give us a call!


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