Why having a good website is all about differentiating yourself

Anyone can have a website nowadays. In fact, nearly all businesses do have a website.

So how do you differentiate yourself from the rest of the people out there?

Websites are essential

Websites are essential to any business. They provide a place for people to learn about what you do, gather the information about your products and services that they need, find contact information, and allow them to share your business with other people.

Getting people to your website can be a mighty struggle in the first place, so once they’re there you want to make sure you stand out from the crowd and keep them there.

Good content

We talk about content a lot. It’s because content is one of the binding factors of a website. Without content, there is no website.

If you invest in good content this reflects well upon your business – people will enjoy reading or viewing it and will most likely find it easy to get the information they need.

Google also loves good content so your website will rank higher in search engines too.

Create your own story

Don’t be afraid to give your business some character.

Character is one of the defining factors when it comes to differentiating yourself from competitors. And one of the easiest ways to create business personality and character is through telling a story.

Your website should tell the story of your business: what does it do? How does it do it? Who does it do it for? Why does it do it?

Create a narrative and include your customers in that narrative. This way, visitors to your website will automatically feel included in your story and you’ll stand out from the other websites they’ve just been to.

People can’t resist a good story.

Values and principles

Your website should reflect the values and principles of your business.

They should shine through everything on your website, guiding the content towards what it is your business is all about.

This adds some personality to a website and will help it to stand out from all the bland websites out there that only talk about what services they offer and how much it will cost. This can also help you with developing your own story.

Not to mention that people who see your business has a clear set of values and guiding principles will deem your business more trustworthy than those that don’t.

What’s the benefit?

Don’t be scared of telling people what benefit you can give them. And no, telling people how you can benefit them isn’t just listing your products or services.

Tell customers what problem you can solve for them; explain how their lives will be easier or a certain task will take less time.

Don’t lie or make things up but don’t hold back on what it is you offer them. This will definitely help your website be one to remember.

The value proposition

The value proposition is a marketing tool used throughout the world of business.

It’s a way of telling people your story, setting out your values and principles, and showing what benefits you can give them.

In a nutshell, it’s the simplest way to differentiate yourself from your competitors using everything we’ve outlined in this blog.

A good value proposition will tell people not only what it is you do, but also what that means for them. It sets outs benefits in a clear and direct way, all while telling a story.

It’s also possible to have multiple value propositions: one for your business as a whole and unique ones for each product or service you provide. Creating multiple value propositions can help direct your story and inform your content.

And any good website will incorporate their value propositions. They may not be a direct copy or structure of a value proposition, but all the elements will be there, mixed within the content throughout the website. By doing this, businesses ensure their websites are differentiated from competitors.


There are many websites around and to be successful they must stand out. You can differentiate both your business and your website through creating a value proposition that includes your values and principles, the benefit your give to your customers, and crafting a story. This alongside good content will see you on the way to successfully differentiating yourself.


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