5 Top Tips to Make the Most of Google Analytics

There is a wealth of free advice and support online on how to get it set up for the first time, so if you aren’t already running it, you should get on it straight away.

Are you making the most of its potential?

Here are our 5 top tips to making the most of Google Analytics.

Set your Goals

Setting goals for your website will make it much easier to track your conversions and ensure your website is fulfilling its purpose. This varies from site to site, but common examples are a visitor submitting contact details, or making a purchase.

Setting goals is vital to evaluate whether of not your marketing campaign is working.

Set up a custom Dashboard

The Analytics dashboard can be confusing and won’t necessarily be providing you with the most relevant metrics for you and your business.

You can set up your own custom dashboard and add widgets to track any stat you can think of, or alternatively, you can go to Google’s solutions Gallery and download dashboards that other users have already put together.

Segment your audience

If you have multiple demographics accessing your site, then you can track how each one behaves separately in order to better target your marketing.

Your audiences can be categorised with a variety of specifications including age, gender and location, along with what device they’re using to access the site.

Track your visitor’s journey

Looking at the behaviour flow data allows you to track the path visitors are taking through your website so you can find out where they are losing interest, looping back or getting stuck.

If you have a high drop rate on a certain page, Google Analytics wont tell you why, but it can certainly bring problems with your site navigation to your attention so you can look into it.

Set up email reports

If you’re likely to forget to check your analytics on a regular basis you can set up email reports to be delivered to you or the relevant employee on a regular basis.

It contains just the stats that you care about the most, so you wont be overwhelmed with data. Like the dashboard, the reports are highly customisable, with user made reports in the solutions gallery that you may find handy.

For more information about using Google Analytics, try this link:-

Google Analytics YouTube Channel


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