9 Reasons Why You Will Love WordPress

Nowadays nearly 30% of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress, more than any other content management system.

That is a huge amount! But there’s good reason for it – here are 9 of those reasons.

(Edited 28th February 2018)

Manage your own content

Content is king. This is true now more than ever on the web. As a website owner you need to change and edit your content on a regular basis, without having to wait for your developer to have the time to implement the changes you want. WordPress is amazing as a content management system (CMS) because its interface is so intuitive and simple to use. You can also add as much content as want – there’s no limit!


Plugins are wonderful little things that increase the amount that your website can do as well as providing handy little tools to make your life easier. Yoast, for example, is very useful plugin that helps you with your SEO. Developers are always coming up with handy new plugins too – down to WordPress being a completely open platform.

Simple to use with the ability to become complex if desired

One of the major beauties of the WordPress CMS is that developers and users alike can both make excellent use of it. For designers, each theme and website is completely changeable and they can do anything with the HTML/CSS code. For users, they can make content changes and simple layout edits without ever having to look at a line of code!

SEO Friendly

Search engines love WordPress – its code is clean and simple, which makes it easy for search engines to find and rank. This means your WordPress website is also loved by search engines so you’re already one step ahead in the battle for SEO optimisation. Not to mention the wide range of free plugins available to help you out.

Built in blogging tool

WordPress was built as a blogging platform and it hasn’t lost contact with its roots. Every website on this CMS has a ready-to-go blogging space – which is great news for you and your regular blogs. You are blogging, right?

Excellent customisability

As I mentioned before, developers can completely change the code of any WordPress website. The end result of this is bespoke and tailored websites to suit everyone’s needs. Even if you’re running the same theme as someone else, it can look completely different.

There’s also the option to customise the website yourself – changing the layout of pages, navigation menus, pictures and themes are all really easy to do within the WordPress CMS interface. All without touching a line of code.


In a world of smart devices every website needs to look good on a smaller screen. And every WordPress website is completely mobile-friendly and fully responsive. No more worrying about how your website looks to these tech-crazed digital natives!

User management

If more than one person contributes to your website, it’s easy to invite other people to manage your WordPress website. There are easy options for changing the amount of control people have too.

Social networking friendly

Updating your social media accounts with your latest blog or offer is essential but can be a hassle if you have to upload to each individual platform. Within WordPress, there is a native ability to link to all of your social media accounts and share updates as and when you want to, deciding which platforms you want to share with too. All you have to do is tick or untick a box!

WordPress is a CMS ahead of the game. With depth and range for both developers and normal users, an easy-to-use interface, and great responsiveness you’d be daft not to use it!

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