7 Quick Tips To Awesomise Your Website Content

Content can be a wonderful thing, but it can also hold your website back if it reads like an essay.

No one wants to read an essay. Keep your content smooth and lovable with these easy tips on awesome content writing!


Scan Mode

The brain goes into “scan mode” when we read down a website so make sure there is something that the super scanner can register. Something that grabs its attention. Get the reader hooked!


Less Like an Essay

Make your page read less like an essay and more like a brochure by breaking your content up. The best way to go about this is to use headings, shorter sentences and break your content into paragraphs with spacing.


Draw People’s Attention

You remember when you were a kid in the car looking out the window and you see something and you take a second glance at it? Well 9 times out of 10 that would’ve been some billboard or something. This is because humans flick towards bright things or moving objects. Same with headings, images and videos on a website. Throw a few images and/or videos in your content and Bob’s your uncle! You’ve got something that draws people’s attention!


Be Friendly

Try not to use salesy language when you want the reader to click on a link. Be friendly. Good manners cost nothing. And it will draw them in more. This also will depend on your audience so make sure you adapt your content to appeal to your desired audience.


Use Headings

Headings are key when writing content for a website. So you need some attention grabbing, scroll stopping headings. Do this by changing the colour, font-size, font-style and font-weight. Also, try and keep your headings less than 8 words. This is the optimum length of a good heading.


Don’t Use Jargon

People don’t know your profession like you do. So don’t use jargon. Repeat, No Jargon! People won’t get it, try and write in plain English. If you must use some jargon, remember to explain what you mean – ‘The Which Means’ rule…


Evaluate and Re-evaluate

Evaluate and re-evaluate your content. Make sure it is as awesome as you think it is. Get someone else to read it. Just make sure it’s up to scratch and draw those readers in again and again and again…

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