Our Work // ​Escape Asylum


Escape Asylum offers thrill seekers a selection of terrifying experiences from a creepy cabin to a haunted Asylum. Visitors have to survive the ordeal by solving puzzles to finally escape, if they'll lucky. This place is not for the faint hearted. 


The Escape Asylum had one page website, the common issue with these is they don't perform well on Google ranking. They wanted us to create a full site,which had a booking and payment system, plus the ability for customers to pay via crypto currency. 


Our design team worked with them to create a terrifying design, showcases all the horrors they have on offer. We installed an integrated e-commerce, and dated booking system.

We also programmed in additional interactive features on the home page too, go and see if you can find them.. 

Their new site helped push their site up on it's Google rankings, which increased their bookings too.