Website Security

​With cyber-security being such a big consideration these days, it is time to secure all your online assets.

Quickly run a few simple tests ​to see how secure your website is. Get in touch to find out how...

​​Why your website must have an SSL Certificate

​If you use the internet​ a lot, you may have noticed the small padlock in the address bar that tells you that the website is secure. Does yours?

​Some browsers will even tell your users that your website is 'Not Secure'. Get in touch to increase your credibility, brand trust, enhance SEO and keep sensitive data secure with an SSL Certificate.

​​Advanced Website Firewall​ Security

​A​s well as an SSL Certificate, you must also ensure that your ​website has all the ​appropriate firewall rules in place. Firewall rules help ensure your website is secure.

If you need help setting up your website security, or just need us to run a few simple tests, just get in touch!


​​Back up your website

It's real important that your website, your shop window to the world, is secure.

But, if the worst was to happen, do you have a back up of your website that you can quickly switch back to?

Talk to us to learn more about website back ups.​

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