Web Design

Setting up a website is fairly simple. We do ​much more. We create strategic experiences with the aim of engaging your audience while building your brand’s credibility.

Are you ready to launch your business to the next level using the great reach of the internet?

We can help. Whether it is a brochure site connected to your social media, an online ecommerce platform or fully integrated database driven online application. We’ll build a solution which best promotes your brand and grows your business.

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Brochure Websites

A great website should increase your revenue and lower your workload. Does yours? You want the best chance of being found by search engines, while promoting your brand.

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Ecommerce Websites

Put your products in front of your buyers. You need an eCommerce website that is easy to navigate and allows your users to purchase products quickly.

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Web Applications

Web apps allow your business processes to be streamlined into a dedicated and easy-to-use online interface.

You need more than just a website

Unlike most web people, who expect you to tell them what to do, we spend time to work out what you really need.

More than just web design and development, we’ll get a true picture of your business by uncovering the real problems you’re struggling with.

Not just the ones you think you have, but also the ones you may not know you have.

​Buil​t the right way

​Anyone can build a website, but the challenge is to build a website that:

  • Is technically structured correctly
  • Gets your message across clearly and concisely
  • Truly reflects and promotes your values and brand
  • Is fully optimised for search engines
  • Works with social media channels​
  • Security best practice

Mobile Friendly Responsive Website Design

Web development that helps you get found on Google and is easy to navigate on a mobile device.

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Mobile Friendly

Having a mobile-friendly website means your website will rank higher when potential clients are searching for your product or service from a mobile device.

​Future-proof Web Development

​Investing in a responsive, mobile-friendly website will pay dividends in the long-run.

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Social Media Friendly

​Social Media is a great tool to help drive traffic to your website and increase brand awareness.

Search Engine Friendly

We research your keywords and ensure you are using the right ones, in the right places. This will help you attract traffic from major search engines.


We are a premium Web Design ​Agency based in Nottingham.

We’ll work with you and your team to build a smooth online system that will grow your business and simplify how it runs.

We solve both your visible problems and ​the hidden ones and we’ll do it effectively and efficiently.

​h2o will bring the joy back to what you do – your business!


Trusted by 100’s of Clients Nottingham, UK & Worldwide


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Supercharge your brand and grow your business

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